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Vision and Mission

Mobileye N.V. is the global leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. Our technologies save lives, prevent collisions, and reduce fuel costs. Our systems offer multiple lifesaving features in a single bundle, empowering drivers to mitigate and avoid collisions while improving driving behaviour.

What began as a mission to reduce vehicle injuries and fatalities has quickly become the most advanced collision avoidance system on the market in more than 250 models from more than 20 car companies. We see an accident-free future with our technology at the centre of it.

Mobileye operates its machine vision R&D headquarters from Jerusalem, Israel and has offices in the United States, China, Germany and Japan, and distributors in over 48 countries.

As of August 2014, Mobileye is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): MBLY.


Since 1999, we have dedicated our R&D efforts to improving every aspect of crash prevention. The result? The only comprehensive aftermarket collision avoidance systems and advanced driver assistance systems with revolutionary lifesaving driver alerts. Using an artificial vision sensor, strategically installed in the vehicle, and our proprietary chip, called EyeQ®, Mobileye® Systems act like a driver’s third eye. Mobileye’s collision avoidance systems bundle multiple alerts into a single affordable package that can be integrated into almost any vehicle.

As a fleet manager, you constantly have to worry about your drivers’ attentiveness on the road. With Mobileye in place, you’ll have peace of mind with an ever-vigilant third eye helping your drivers navigate their routes safely. Mobileye collision avoidance systems perform real-time scene interpretation, analyzing different objects on the road, classifying their meaning and determining if action is needed – all in a split second.


The Forefront of Change
Governing and regulatory agencies recognise the value of collision avoidance technology and want it installed in all vehicles. Mobileye’s aftermarket systems are compliant with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Lane Departure and Forward Collision Warning standards. With Mobileye, your fleet can play a positive role in making our communities a better place to live and work by improving public safety and reducing fuel emissions with greener operations. Indeed, Mobileye will help create smarter, safer and cleaner cities of the future.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
Most of the world’s major automakers trust Mobileye technologies in their vehicles. Our collision avoidance technologies are or will be integrated into car models from over 20 global automakers including Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Tesla and Volvo.

We’re currently working with over a dozen car manufacturers on semi-autonomous vehicles. We believe that Mobileye’s technology will be at the centre of their ability to transform the future of mobility while making roads safer.

Fleet Management
The world’s best-run fleets, including ICEE, UPS, Dart Transit, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Veolia, CR England, DHL, and Kon, trust Mobileye to keep their drivers and vehicles safe on the road.

Driver Safety
Over 93% of all crashes are due to human error. To date, over 10 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye technology.

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